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Choosing Automation Framework

QTP Sync, Wait, Synchronization
Example Of Synchronization
Example Of Wait
Example Of Sync
All about QTP Parameters
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Global and Action Data Sheet Patameters
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Action input & output parameters
Action input & output parameters 1
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Capturing Background Color in QTP
Object Hierarchy in QTP
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QTP Function Libraries Example 1
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Software Verification and Validation
Software Test Automation
QTP SystemUtil Vs InvokeApplication with example
QTP Syntax Error
7 Important Points You Should Remember About Virtual Objects.
Debug Viewer Pane
Step Into, Step Out, Step Over
Use the Msgbox Function to display the value of variables.
Exist Method
GetLastError & DescribeResult
Run to Step & Run from Step
QTP Breakpoints
GetToProperties & More

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QTP Tutorials
QTP Tutorials 1
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QTP Tutorials 4 - Standard Checkpoint
QTP Tutorials 5 - Page Checkpoint
QTP Tutorials 6 - Database Checkpoint
QTP Tutorials 7 - Bitmap Checkpoint
QTP Tutorials 8 - Image Checkpoint
QTP Tutorials 9 - Text Checkpoint
QTP Tutorials 10 - Table Checkpoint
QTP Tutorials 11 - Checkpoint Return
QTP Tutorials 12 - Reusable Actions
QTP Tutorials 13 - Importing Database
QTP Tutorials 14 - Script to Create File
QTP Tutorial 15 - QTP Regular Expressions
QTP Regular Expression 1
QTP Regular Expression 2
QTP Regular Expression 3
QTP Tutorial 16 - QTP Recovery Scenarios
Pop-Up Window Example
Object State Example
Test Run Error Example
QTP Tutorial 17 - On Error Resume Next, Err Object
QTP Tutorial 18 - QTP Optional Step
QTP Tutorial 19 - Learn about QTP Menus
QTP File Menu
QTP Edit Menu
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QTP Insert Menu
QTP Automation Menu
QTP Resources Menu
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QTP Tutorial 20 - QTP Actions or Functions
QTP Tutorial 21 - QTP Object Repository or Descriptive Programming
QTP Tutorial 22 - QTP Virtual Objects
QTP Tutorial 23 - QTP Syntax Error
QTP Tutorial 24 - QTP SystemUtil Vs InvokeApplication with example
QTP Tutorial 25 - QTP Object Properties
QTP Tutorial 26 - Example of Existing Checkpoint
QTP Tutorial 27 - QuickTest Shortcut Keys Cheatsheet
QTP Tutorial 28 - QTP API
QTP Tutorial 29 - QTP Sharing Action Information
QTP Tutorial 30 - QTP Software Test Automation Framework
5 Generations of Automation Framework
What is Test Automation Framework
Functional Decomposition Framework
Keyword Driven Framework
QTP Tutorial 31 - 7 quicktest debug option
QTP Tutorial 32 - QTP Maintenance Run Mode - New feature in QTP 9.5
QTP Tutorial 33 - QTP Run Results (including ways to export run results)
QTP Tutorial 34 - Learn How to Use QTP Data Driver
QTP Tutorial 35 - QuickTest Professional 10.0 New Features
QTP Tutorial 36 - Small example of QTP Relative Path
QTP Tutorial 37 - Reporter Object, its methods & its properties with easy to understand examples
QTP Tutorial 38 - RepositoriesCollection Object with examples
QTP Tutorial 39 - Keep an eye on different methods for reading from and writing to DataTable.
QTP Tutorial 40 - 5 Prestigious QTP Forums To Visit For Help.
QTP Tutorial 41 - Descriptive Programming Questions Answered
QTP Tutorial 42 - Parameterize Descriptive Programming Statements
QTP Tutorial 43 - Parameterize Checkpoint
QTP Tutorial 44 - Regular Expression Object - RegExp
QTP Tutorial 45 - QTP Crypt Object
QTP Tutorial 46 - ExecuteFile in QTP
QTP Tutorial 47 - QTP Register/ Unregister a Function
QTP Tutorial 48 - QTP WebTable Object
QTP Tutorial 49 - QTP DotNetFactory Object
QTP Tutorial 50 - QTP SetTOProperty with Examples
QTP Tutorial 51 - Run QTP Tests at Scheduled Time

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