Saturday, April 10, 2010

QTP Scripts - Page 5

QTP Scripts - Page 5

QTP Script 162
VBScript - How Can I Add a Background Picture to an Excel Worksheet?

QTP Script 163
VBScript - How to create hyperlinks in excel?

QTP Script 164
VBScript - How to copy one excel sheet to another?

QTP Script 165
How To Excel VBScript Autofit

QTP Script 166
VBScript - How to sort rows in excel?

QTP Script 167
Another Excel sort via VBScript

QTP Script 168
VBScript- How to merge cells in excel?

QTP Script 169
VBScript - Creating User Accounts from an Excel Spreadsheet

QTP Script 170
Excel/Vbscript: Formating, Pivot Tables And Conditional Formatting

QTP Script 171
Write DBF File From Excel 2007 With VBScript

QTP Script 172
Working with excel from VBScript

QTP Script 173
VBScript - List Active Directory Data in a Spreadsheet

QTP Script 174
VBScript - Convert text file into Excel Columns

QTP Script 175
VBScript - List Service Data in a Spreadsheet

QTP Script 176
VBScript - Import a Large Text File

QTP Script 177
VBA - Search for Values in an Excel Spreadsheet

QTP Script 178
VBScript - Sort BY and Sort EACH column on a Microsoft Excel Worksheet

QTP Script 179
VBScript - How to import data from an Excel File to DataTable in QTP

QTP Script 180
VBScript - Opening a new PPT, adding a picture into it, saving it and closing the PPT

QTP Script 181
VBScript - OPENING a new PPT, ADDING a title & text into it, SAVING the PPT file and CLOSING it

QTP Script 182
VBScript - OPENING an already existing PPT file, ADDING a slide, WRITING tilte & text to the slide, SAVING and CLOSING the PPT

QTP Script 183
VBScript - OPENING a new PPT, ADDIND a blank slide to it, ADDING table, ENTERING text, SAVING & CLOSING PPT

QTP Script 184
VBScript - Creating a chart in Powerpoint & manipulating it

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