Monday, October 4, 2010

QTP Training

QTP Training

QTP Knowledge you will love to gain

These QTP PPTs are to the point and simple to understand with awesome examples. As you read these PPTs, you may never feel the need to join any QTP training course.

To have a better experience with these PPTs, read these in Full Screen mode. In Full Screen mode, you can Zoom in/ Zoom out as needed.

QTP Objects
QTP Object Repositories
QTP Actions
QTP Descriptive Programming
QTP Function Libraries
QTP/VBScript Debugging
QTP Custom Checkpoints

Some other (maybe) uses of these PPTs:
1. Organizations, training institutes, companies etc. can use these PPTs in classrooms to give presentations.
2. Beginners can self-study at home or office to grasp knowledge of QTP and make their QTP fundamentals strong.
3. Students can self study at schools, institutes etc. where internet is available.

You can always email me to tell any improvements needed in the PPTs. I will keep on adding more QTP PPTs in future.