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Choosing A Test Automation Framework

Choosing A Test Automation Framework

There are lot of resources on the internet explaining different types of automation frameworks and how to go about selecting one of them which suites your environment.

Below are the few handpicked interesting and useful links which provide you solid understanding of the software test automation frameworks.

Keyword Driven Test Automation Framework for Web Based Applications
Business process automation works towards making automation frameworks increasingly meaningful to the functional subject matter experts by involving them in test automation as much as possible, thereby making test automation business driven. This article discusses a tool that can be used in business process automation and some tips on developing a strong and robust automation framework.

Data-Driven and Keyword-Driven Test Automation Frameworks

Acceptance Test-Driven Development with Keyword-Driven Test Automation Framework in an Agile Software Project

Keyword Driven Framework for Automation Testing

Keyword Driven Testing by John Crunk
Keyword Driven

Keyword-Driven Testing
A curious phenomenon occurring among testers has caught Danny Faught's attention; testers everywhere are independently writing their own keyword-driven testing scripts. But what is keyword-driven testing, and how does it work? Is it better than data-driven testing? In this week's column, Danny reveals the testing method's simple design that has made it popular with many testers and non-testers alike.

Keyword Driven Framework for Automation Testing
The authors of this paper present an object-based, keyword-driven framework for J2EE Web-based application testing. They also discuss the benefits of automation testing compared to a test library approach.

Automated Testing Framework
This document describes a framework for an automated test environment for remote systems.

Data-Driven Test Automation
Data-driven test automation is considered to be one of the best automated test implementation or framework types due to its extensibility and relatively low maintenance requirements. But what exactly does data driven mean? Among the many different implementation strategies that result in a data driven script, can we identify one that is truly data driven?

White Paper: Achieving the Full Potential of Software Test Automation
Software test automation can dramatically reduce costs and speed up time-to-market, but its full potential cannot be achieved without a carefully planned, scalable, and maintainable process. Without the right strategy, expensive test automation tools may become "shelfware." The authors of this whitepaper will first discuss the key benefits of software test automation, and then examine the most common implementation tactics. They then analyze the key reasons why test automation efforts often fail to meet their potential. Finally, they explain how using a keyword-based test automation strategy enables organizations to avoid those problems.

Software Testing Automation Framework
The Software Testing Automation Framework (STAF) is an open source project that enables users to create cross-platform, distributed software test environments.

It describes Problems with Test Automation, Some Test Strategy Guidelines, Data Driven Automation Frameworks, Keyword Driven Automation Framework Model, Automation Framework Workflow and much more.

Choosing a test automation framework
Here Mike Kelly describes The Test Script Modularity Framework, The Test Library Architecture Framework, The Keyword-Driven or Table-Driven Testing Framework, The Data-Driven Testing Framework and The Hybrid Test Automation Framework.

Scripting techniques in Automation
This article details the various automation scripting techniques and their pros and cons. It also comments on the impact of testing technique on the costs, programming skills, and maintenance.

Test Automation Wokshop 2006 – Bond University
This document describes Automation Maturity with helpful examples.

Evolution to Revolution: The Test Automation Maturity Curve
This white paper explains the evolutionary trend and how to make the revolutionary leap from code to data, which completely changes the economics and dynamics of test automation by radically reducing development and maintenance costs while empowering all stakeholders in quality to contribute to test automation.

This white paper provides practical insight into the lessons learned by those who have successfully automated the functional testing process. It answers questions such as:

•What is the strategic role of functional testing in today’s enterprise?
•What are the value-added benefits associated with automating the functional testing process?
•What is the best approach to ensure the success of your automation effort?
•What should you look for in an automated functional testing solution?

Key Success Factors for Keyword Driven Testing
By Hans Buwalda, Chief Technology Officer, LogiGear Corporation

This paper outlines key success factors for keyword driven testing including base requirements, the vision for automation, success factors for automation, and how to measure success.

Keyword-Driven Test Automation
A Comparison of Keyword-Driven Test Automation Implementations. It includes Objectives of keyword automation, Evolution to keyword automation, Elements of keyword automation.

Deconstructing GUI Test Automation
Four framework-building abstraction layers, their advantages and pitfalls, and ways developers may be able to help you avoid them altogether. by Bret Pettichord

Keyword Driven Testing
Example suite showing one way to implement Keyword Driven testing in Eggplant.

May be you get some idea about Table/Keyword Driven automation from this discussion.

Keyword-Driven Testing Approach
The purpose of this document is to provide the reader with a clear understanding of the Keyword Driven Testing approach which is, in many cases, a mandatory requirement required to successfully implement cost-effective automated testing. Rather than engage in a theoretical dissertation on this subject, author has endeavored to be as straightforward and brutally honest as possible in discussing the issues, problems, necessities, and requirements involved in this approach.

Keyword driven testing
Another (maybe) useful discussion on Keyword driven testing.

Success with Test Automation
This paper describes several principles for test automation. These principles were used to develop a system of automated tests for a new family of client/server applications at BMC Software. This work identifies the major concerns when staffing test automation with testers, developers or contractors. It encourages applying standard software development processes to test automation. It identifies criteria for selecting appropriate tests to be automated and advantages of a Testcase Interpreter. It describes how cascading failures prevent unattended testing. It identifies the most serious bug that can affect test automation systems and describes ways to avoid it. It circumscribes reasonable limits on test automation goals.

QTP Framework VS Custom Framework.
Is there a need to build a custom framework when one is provided by QTP?

QTP Open Source Test Automation Framework Implementation Guide
QTP Open Source Test Automation Framework Introduction
QTP - Open Source Test Automation Framework Quick Start Guide
QTP Open Source Test Automation Framework FAQ

Driver Script in QTP

Test Automation with CTA Framework

Advanced QTP Forums
You will learn about how to build an automation testing infrastructure, define an automation testing framework from scratch, based on the AUT requirements specifications and much more.

Test Automation: From Record/Playback to Frameworks

Data-Driven Architectures
How test automation moved to data-driven approaches

Introducing Advanced Automation Architectures
John Kent discusses advanced test automation approaches and test automation frameworks

QTP Framework Demo

Test Automation Frameworks
This page compares and describes "data driven" and "keyword" driven automated tests using open source libraries and WinRunner from Mercury Interactive — the hardest won (but easily forgotten) insights not obvious from available documentation.

Framework automation with IBM Rational Functional Tester: Keyword-driven

The Design and Implementation of a Flexible, Reusable, and Maintainable Automation Framework

RRAFs and Ruby - Two keyword driven automation framework implementations

Webtest Automation Framework Tutorial
This tutorial will show you how to get started with the Canoo Webtest Automation Framework and apply it to automate testing Web Applications

Successful Automation for Test Analysts using Keyword Driven Execution

Introduction to Keyword Driven Testing

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