Tuesday, May 1, 2007

QTP (QuickTest Professional) keyword view

In QTP (QuickTest Professional) we first of all record a test, then run a test and then analyze the results, but before running the test we can also enhance it with checkpoints and parameters.

First of all let's talk a little about keyword view in QTP and then we will talk about recording in QTP and then we will move on to other things.

After recording all the operations, QuickTest displays them as steps in the Keyword View, and generates them in a script (in an Expert View).

In the keyword view there are 4 visible columns –

(For other valuable information on below points please see QTP user guide pg 92 and pg 114)

Item The item on which we want to perform the step and it can be a test object, utility object, function call, or statement. This column shows a hierarchical icon-based tree. The highest level of the tree is actions, and all steps are contained within the relevant branch of the tree.

Operation The operation (methods or functions) to be performed on the item selected in the Item column, for example, Click or Select.

Value The argument values for the selected operation, for example, the mouse button to use when clicking the image.

Documentation It is a Read-only auto-documentation of what the step does in an easy-to-understand sentence, for example, Click the "findFlights" image.

Assignment The assignment of a value to or from a variable for example, Store in cCols would store the return value of the current step in a variable called cCols so you can use the value later in the test. This column is not visible by default.

Comment Any textual information you want to add regarding the step. This column is also not visible by default.

Also see QTP Recording, QTP Checkpoints, and QTP Parameters/ Parameterizing Tests.