Sunday, July 29, 2007

QTP Tutorials

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This QTP tutorial assumes that you are familiar with the QuickTest Pro's interface/window like Test Pane, Data Table, Active Screen etc and where these are located in QTP. Obviously you should have legal copy of QTP software installed either at home or at office.

Before starting with QTP Tutorials I think you should know what all files and folders will be there in QTP test folder. As far as I know, in QTP Test folder you may find good number of files. A Test.tsp contains the test settings and is a binary file. Defaults.xls is a data table parameters file similar to excel. is a binary file containing the parameterization information. Action script is in a script.mts text file in an action folder. is a binary object repository file.

QTP Tutorial 1 - Familiarizing with recording process

QTP Tutorial 2 - Using Data Table

QTP Tutorial 3 - Accessing Data Table values through Script

QTP Tutorial 4 - Standard Checkpoint

QTP Tutorial 5 - Page Checkpoint

QTP Tutorial 6 - Database Checkpoint (using Oracle 9)

QTP Tutorial 7 - Bitmap Checkpoint

QTP Tutorial 8 - Image Checkpoint

QTP Tutorial 9 - Text Checkpoint

QTP Tutorial 10 - Table Checkpoint

QTP Tutorial 11 - Checkpoint Return Values

QTP Tutorial 12 - Reusable Actions

QTP Tutorial 13 - Importing Database Table

QTP Tutorial 14 - Script to create file

QTP Tutorial 15 - QTP Regular Expressions

QTP Tutorial 16 - QTP Recovery Scenarios

QTP Tutorial 17 - On Error Resume Next, Err Object

QTP Tutorial 18 - QTP Optional Step

QTP Tutorial 19 - Learn about QTP Menus

QTP Tutorial 20 - QTP Actions or Functions

QTP Tutorial 21 - QTP Object Repository or Descriptive Programming

QTP Tutorial 22 - QTP Virtual Objects

QTP Tutorial 23 - QTP Syntax Error

QTP Tutorial 24 - QTP SystemUtil Vs InvokeApplication with example

QTP Tutorial 25 - QTP Object Properties

QTP Tutorial 26 - Example of Existing Checkpoint

QTP Tutorial 27 - QuickTest Shortcut Keys Cheatsheet

QTP Tutorial 28- QTP API

QTP Tutorial 29 - Sharing Action Information

QTP Tutorial 30 - Software Automation Famework With Examples

QTP Tutorial 31 - 7 Quicktest Debug Options Here

QTP Tutorial 32 - QTP Maintenance Run Mode - A new feature in QTP 9.5

QTP Tutorial 33 - Important Points About QTP Run Results (including ways to export QTP run results)

QTP Tutorial 34 - Learn How to Use QTP Data Driver

QTP Tutorial 35 - QuickTest Professional 10.0 New Features

QTP Tutorial 36 - Small example of QTP Relative Path

QTP Tutorial 37 - Reporter Object, its methods & its properties with easy to understand examples

QTP Tutorial 38 - RepositoriesCollection Object with examples.

QTP Tutorial 39 - Keep an eye on different methods for reading from and writing to DataTable.

QTP Tutorial 40 - 5 Prestigious QTP Forums To Visit For Help.

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