Sunday, February 1, 2009

New features in QuickTest Professional 10.0 (QTP 10.0)

A great set of new Quality Center 10.00 integration abilities are there in QuickTest Professional 10.0. Integration abilities such as 1) You can maintain asset versioning and baselines. 2) There is an Asset Comparison Tool for comparing versions of individual QTP assets. 3) It also includes an Asset Viewer for viewing an earlier version of a QTP asset and much more such as tool to upgrade all QuickTest assets to use these new features etc.

[QuickTest assets include tests, components, application areas, and the resources associated with them, such as shared object repositories, function libraries, recovery scenarios, and external data tables.]

You can use the File > Save Test with Resources command to save a standalone, local copy of your test with all associated resource files and any called actions. This perks up portability.

LoadAndRunAction statement helps you load and run an action only when the step runs so that these actions are not loaded each time you open a test.

You can centrally manage your work items and ToDo tasks in the To Do Pane, which enables you to create and control self-defined tasks, and to view a compiled set of the TODO comments from your tests, associated function libraries and components.

You can now develop your own algorithm to compare bitmap checkpoints. A custom comparer is a COM object that performs the bitmap comparison for the checkpoint according to your testing requirements. QuickTest then receives and reports the results that the custom comparer returns.

There are also some improvements in the Test Result Analysis e.g. QuickTest run results can now be exported to MS Word and PDF format, use of an image file as a fourth argument to Reporter.ReportEvent method, select jump to Step in QuickTest when you right click any node in test results to show that step within the QuickTest testing document, run results for tests and components that are run as part of a Quality Center test set now include the Quality Center server and project name etc.

The new Delphi Add-in enables you to test Win32 VCL Delphi controls.

File > Settings > Local System Monitor enables you to monitor the local (client-side) computer resources used by the application instance you are testing during a run session.

There are some feature enhancements also like:
  • You can upgrade from QTP 9.5 to QTP 10 without uninstalling QTP 9.5 first.
  • IntelliSense functionality is improved.
  • Design and functionality of a debugger pane is improved.
  • Maintenance Run mode now includes new Object Identification Solutions.
  • Added Control for Editing and Managing Actions in Automation Scripts.
  • A new look for some dialog boxes.
  • An improved Web Add-in Extensibility and much more.