Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Some Tidbits About QTP History.

QuickTest Professional 1.0 (QTP 1.0)
QuickTest Professional 1.0 was released in May 1998 and it was known as Astra QuickTest. It was for functional testing of World Wide Web only. It was marketed as an icon-based functional testing tool for e-business. By replacing traditional scripts with icons, it recorded and represented user actions visually to simplify and accelerate testing. It was priced at $4000 per copy.

QuickTest Professional 2.0 (QTP 2.0)
I do not have any information on QuickTest Professional 2.0. If you have any information, you can send me to dhall.sachin@gmail.com with subject "QTP History". I will publish it here (if it’s worth publishing) with your name (along with your blogname, if any). Make sure that the information should be genuine and not the fake one.

QuickTest Professional 3.0 (QTP 3.0)
Mercury Interactive's QuickTest 3.0’s system requirements were Pentium 166 MHz, Windows 95,/98 or NT 4, 32 MB of RAM, 23 MB of hard disk space, Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher. QuickTest did a good job of efficiently checking for every possible error and reporting the good or bad news. At that time only seven day evaluation version was available. The cost was $2,995 in US.

QuickTest Professional 4.0 (QTP 4.0)
The Mercury Interactive Astra LoadTest 4.0 and Astra QuickTest 4.0 Web testing tools were awarded 'Best of Show' in the Web Application Tools & Servers category at Penton Media's (NYSE: PMF) Internet World Chicago 2000. Astra QuickTest 4.0 Added Netscape Support. In addition, Astra QuickTest 4.0's cross browser testing capabilities made it easy to check compatibility between Netscape and Internet Explorer. Astra QuickTest 4.0 also offered full integration with Mercury Interactive's TestDirector. Astra QuickTest 4.0 was available at a price of $2,995 per seat. Mercury Interactive offered a package combining Astra QuickTest and TestDirector for $4,995.

QuickTest Professional 5.0 (QTP 5.0)
Astra QuickTest(TM) 5.0 allowed users to quickly and easily test the functionality of Web applications containing multimedia elements, Java applets and ActiveX controls. Astra QuickTest 5.0 supported testing on Macromedia Flash, as well as on RealAudio and RealVideo. Astra QuickTest 5.0 was priced at $3,995 (U.S.) per seat.

QuickTest Professional 6.0 (QTP 6.0)
QuickTest Professional 6.0 was again simple to use with simple interface. QTP 6.0 supported .Net development environment and XML support. It was again able to integrate with TestDirector and Winrunner. Users were able to run Winrunner scripts from QuickTest, but not the other way round.

QuickTest Professional 7.0 (QTP 7.0)
QTP 7 supported win 2003, without any OS conflicts. In QTP 7.0 actions could support passing and returning values. Corresponding English comments for every line of script in "Tree View", they renamed "Tree View" as "Keyword View". Reports in both XML and word format available, rapid object import, Enhanced support for "Recovery Manager" etc.

QuickTest Professional 8.0 (QTP 8.0)
Mercury introduced next-generation “zero-configuration” Keyword Driven testing technology in QuickTest Professional 8.0 — allowing for fast test creation, easier maintenance, and more powerful data-driving capability.
Other features were support for functional testing of all enterprise environments including ActiveX, terminal emulators SAP etc, Checkpoints, Unique Smart Object Recognition and many more features. Some of you might be using that until now.

QuickTest Professional 9.0 (QTP 9.0) is the present version, as you all know. In QTP 9.5 you are able to view all functions which are related to your current tests from GUI itself, you are able to change the tolerance value in case of bitmap checkpoint from GUI. RepositoriesCollection reserved object was introduced with QTP 9.2. For more on QTP 9.0, QTP 9.2 & QTP 9.5 new features refer to respective QTP Guides.

QuickTest Professional 10.0 (QTP 10.0)

Features of QTP 10.0

QuickTest Professional 11.0 (QTP 11.0)

Features of QTP 11.0

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