Thursday, October 9, 2008

Simple example of QTP Existing Checkpoint

QuickTest (QTP) now makes it possible for you to reuse an existing checkpoint in your test. For example you can use bitmap checkpoint to verify your company's logo on each page of your application or website.

Let’s see a very simple example to accomplish this.

1. Open a new test
(Make sure that Flight Reservation Window in open.)

2. Click on Record in order to start recording.

3. Go to Insert->Checkpoint->Standard Checkpoint.
(QTP will be minimized and mouse pointer will take the shape of a hand.)

4. Click on the Flights... button which is on the right hand side of Fly To dropdown.

5. Object Selection - Checkpoint Properties window opens, Click OK.

6. Checkpoint Properties window opens, Click OK.
(Standard checkpoint will be added)

7. Click Stop in order to stop recording.

8. Go to Resources->Object Repository
(OR associated with this particular action will open)

9. Go to File-> Export and Replace Local Objects
(Export Object Repository dialog opens)

10. Enter any filename e.g. rep1 and click Save
(All the objects in Local Object Repository will be grayed)

11. Close that Object Repository.

12. Save the test as testone.

13. Open a new test and Save it with the Name testtwo.
Associate Shared Object Repository Rep1 with it also. (If not already associated)
In the keyword view, right click on action 1 and choose Action Properties.
Go to Associated Repositories tab.
Click on the ‘+’ sign to locate the shared Object Repository and associate it.
(If it asks for Automatic Relative Path Conversion Click Yes)
Click Ok to close that Action Properties window.

14. Now (in testtwo) you can see when you go to Insert-> Checkpoint, Existing Checkpoint will be enabled to let you insert any checkpoints already saved to the shared Object Repository (Rep1 in our case).

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