Sunday, April 27, 2008

QTP Tutorials 15 - Regular Expression

Objects and text strings with varying (changeable) values can be identified by QuickTest using Regular expressions.

Regular expressions can be used:

to define property values of an object.

to parameterize a step.

to create a checkpoint with changeable values.

Important points regarding Regular expressions:

You can use regular expressions only for values of type string.

When any special character in a regular expression is preceded by a backslash (\), QuickTest searches for the literal character.

You can define a regular expression for a constant value, a Data Table parameter value, an Environment parameter value, or a property value in a programmatic description.

For more common options to create Regular Expressions, see QTP User Guide.

Instead of writing more about QTP regular expressions, lets quickly jump to examples.

Below you will find examples of :

1. Regular Expression and Property Values of Objects.

2. Regular Expression and Checkpoints

3. Regular Expression and Data Table.