Tuesday, June 17, 2008

QTP Resources Menu

Menu ItemShort-Cut KeyUse
Object RepositoryCtrl+ROpens the Object Repository dialog box.
Object Repository Manager
Opens Object Repository Manager Window
Associate Repositories
To manage object repository associations:
Choose Resources > Associate Repositories
Map Repository Parameters
You can map repository parameters that are used in shared object repositories that are associated with your component. Mapping a repository parameter to a value or parameter specifies the property values used to identify the test object during a run session. You can specify that the property value is taken from a constant value, or parameterize it using a local or component parameter. To map repository parameter values:
Choose Resources > Map Repository Parameters.
Recovery Scenario Manager
Opens Recovery Scenario Manager Window
Associated Function Libraries
If the function library is associated with the open component or application area, you can choose it from Resources > Associated Function Libraries