Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Online QTP Training Course

What small institutes (those teach QTP) or QTP learning centers teach you for a hefty fee, is all here on this blog for FREE.

A basic course on QTP 9.0 can be done by thoroughly going through all the posts mentioned below.

QTP Testing Process

Understanding the Test Object Model

QTP Object Properties

Actions in QTP
QuickTest Professional Actions
Action Input / Output Parameters
Actions Vs Functions
Parameterize Data in QTP
Parameterize Tests in QTP
QTP Parameters with Examples.
Object Repositories
QuickTest Professional Object Repositories.
Object Repositories Vs Descriptive Programming
Object Repositories Comparison Tool Shortcut Keys
Object Repositories Merge Tool Shortcut Keys
Checkpoints in QTP
Page Checkpoint Example
Database Checkpoint Example
Bitmap Checkpoint Example
Image Checkpoint Example
Text Checkpoint Example
Table Checkpoint Example
Checkpoint Return Value
Synchronization Point
QuickTest Professional Sync, Wait and Synchronization
Regular Expressions
QuickTest Professional Regular Expressions
VB Scripting in QTP
VB Script Variables
VB Script Arrays
VB Script Functions & Subroutines
VB Script Conditional Statements
VB Script Looping Statements
VB Script Classes
VB Script Property Let, Property Get, Property Set
VB Script Example of Property Let, Property Get, Property Set

*But still going through QTP supplied guides is important and a must.