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Test Case Review Checklist

Test Case Review Checklist

The test case review process should ensure that the planned test cases are ready to run and should guarantee:

• The availability of all design documents
• The completeness of the test cases according to business specifications
• The consistency and cross-referencing of the test cases according to test scenarios
• The clearness and comprehensibility of the test case description
• The completeness of the test cases (e.g., prerequisites, required test data, post test activities).

The test case review process covers the following subjects:

• Documentation
• A high level check for scope and completeness
• Dependencies
• Development and IT analysis & design TCs


1. Is the IT analysis & design specification available and up-to-date?
2. Are the business specifications available and up-to-date?
3. Are the external interface specifications available and up-to-date?
4. Are all required TCs fully implemented and ready for review in TD?

High level check for scope and completeness

5. Are all affected and dependent requirements identified and complete?
6. Are the business transactions clearly specified?
7. Is the target functionality clearly specified?
8. Is the need for changing or adding new business rules documented?
9. Is the need for changing or adding new static data documented?
10. Is the need for changing or adding new reference data documented?
11. Are external and internal aspects related to modifications documented?
12. Is the need for changing or adding new meta data documented?
13. Is the migration scenario documented?
14. Is the impact to volume and performance documented?
15. Is the estimated testing effort in accordance to the analysis and development efforts?
16. Are there any open issue(s) not assigned or overdue?


17. Are interfaces to any SWC affected in any form by this change?
18. Are other SWC packages dependent on this change?
19. Are data model modifications required?
20. Are workflow changes required?
21. Are calendar functions and tables affected by this change?
22. Is a special tool required?
23. Are common service modules impacted by this change?
24. Are updates to other related documents required?

Development and IT analysis & design TCs

25. Are the TCs linked to the requirements and test sets?
26. Are error handling and exceptions covered by corresponding test steps?
27. Is the test coverage in accordance to the requirements?
28. Is the test case structure reasonable?
29. Is the end-to-end scope correctly addressed?
30. Is a role assigned to ensure the readiness of the TC prerequisites?
31. Is additional IIT test data required?
32. Is additional AIT test data required?
33. Are post test activities required and assigned? [Source]

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