Friday, May 24, 2013

Mobile Test Automation

Mobile Test Automation is becoming a necessity as in this post PC era each and every company is trying to be on a mobile platform with the help of either apps or websites. Mobile test automation can contribute in significant cost reduction and improve the test efficiency for test activities. But along with the benefits of mobile test automation there are challenges also like multiple platforms, very fast growth etc.

Below you will find information on companies providing mobile test automation services and solutions, information on mobile test automation tools as well as mobile test automation resources on web.

Companies providing mobile test automation services and solutions:

1. Perfecto Mobile
Perfecto uses MobileCloud technology which enables developers and testers, located anywhere in the world, to access a comprehensive range of the latest mobile handsets and tablets via the Internet. Users can develop, test, deploy and monitor their mobile applications and services without having to physically obtain the handsets. The MobileCloud handsets and tablets are connected to LIVE cellular networks in U.S., Canada, U.K., France, Germany, Switzerland Israel and India.

You can read the pricing options which they offer here.
You can also request for a demo on this page.

SOASTA has products like CloudTest and TouchTest.
CloudTest helps you to test web sites and mobile applications faster, more rigorously, and at scale for less cost. SOASTA uses TouchTest which delivers revolutionary functional test automation capabilities for multi-touch, gesture-based applications. Capture and play back all gestures. Then use your own devices, even crowd source them, to run tests on your own devices. No jailbreaking or tethering required.

3. Northway Solutions Group
Northway Solutions also provide automated mobile testing services. Northway has partnerships with multiple mobile solution vendors which enables them to match the right mobile testing tool to your specific internal requirements. They also use HP products like QuickTest Professional for testing.

You can contact them here to know more about them and services they provide.

4. DeviceAnywhere
DeviceAnywhere is keynotes's mobile testing platform. It supports almost all mobile operating systems like Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows 7 etc. The Keynote DeviceAnywhere platform offers its automation platform on private devices securely hosted by Keynote DeviceAnywhere or on-premise.

You can view the demo of DeviceAnywhere here on left side under Additional Information and you can also request for a demo.

5. Borland
Borland has Silk Mobile for functional testing of real mobile devices and Silk Performer for performance testing of web as well as native applications.
You can have a 30 days trial of both Silk Mobile and Silk Performer.
You can contact them further here.

6. Pyramid Consulting
Pyramid's test automation framework covers iPhone, BlackBerry and Android. The automated scripts of the application are executed in actual mobile device, in the real environment, using the processor and memory of the device and we are NOT using any kind of emulator or desktop environment for the same.

You can further contact Pyramid Consulting.

7. Keynote MITE
Keynote MITE lets you test your mobile websites. There is MITE and MITE Pro. MITE is free. You can see here that which MITE is right for you. MITE comes with a script recorder that lets you capture each step as you navigate a mobile website. You can add validation checks for every step by simply right-clicking the script and selecting the validation check.

For complete list of feature go here.
You can download the MITE here.

8. Jamo Solutions
With Jamo Solutions M-eux Test software you will be able to replay the actions of the end user directly on the mobile devices. It supports iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows operating systems. M-eux test integrates flawlessly with existing well known environments such as Eclipse, QuickTest Professional(QTP) from HP and Visual Studio from Microsoft.

You can have a look at the different editions they have. You can also contact them at

9. BSQUARE's TestQuest 10 is a complete test automation solution that scales across multiple test environments, fully integrating with leading development tools. You can have more information on TestQuest 10 features here. On this page itself you can make a request for an evaluation version.

10. HP
HP offers solutions for functional testing (UFT Mobile), Load testing (LoadRunner) and Performance testing (HP Performance Center) of Mobile.
If you want more information on their products you can watch "Mobile Application Performance Validation" video on this page.
You can check their Contact Us section for contacting sales, support etc or download the trials here.

11. Wipro
Wipro uses Mobi-T-Center as their testing as a service platform for testing mobile applications. Wipro offers the possibility of Air-interface testing in 3G/4G labs, Platform Vulnerability testing, Run-time Performance testing and Real network testing. They support Android, iOS, RIM, Windows and Symbian. Wipro has developed MAAT or Mobile Application Automation Tool. MAAT is a Smart Device Automation Framework that takes into consideration the business needs of customers.

You can contact Wipro here.

12. InfoStretch
InfoStretch is using mobile technology from Perfecto Mobile and DeviceAnywhere for their mobile test automation services. They support iPhone, Android, Windows and BlackBerry phones. You can contact them or have more information about them here.

13. RentTesters SQA Solutions
SQA Solution helps clients by creating mobile test automation solutions for any number of testing efforts depending on individual needs and goals. They provide solutions for Mobile App Testing, Mobile Handset Testing, Mobile Test Automation, App Store Certification. You can contact them on 888-789-1482. You can also go to this page and contact them via other methods or request a callback from them.

14. TOSCA Testsuite by TRICENTIS
TOSCA has partnered with DeviceAnywhere and supports testing automation of Android, BlackBerry, iPhone devices and more. Basically their cloud interface enables test automation of many devices regardless of their physical location.

You can contact them for demo or trial.

15. Utopia Solutions
Utopia Solutions provide mobile test automation services along with mobile application performance testing. For performance and load testing they are using project-based software licensing for HP Software LoadRunner or SOASTA CloudTest.

You can contact them.

16. Experitest
Experitest's SeeTest Automation is an automation tool that records on real devices and emulators too. Seetest plugs into UFT (QTP), TestComplete, C#, RFT, Java, Perl, Python. They have other products like SeeTest Manual and SeeTest Cloud. SeeTest Automation supports iPhone / Android / Blackberry / Symbian / WindowsMobile and costs $2500 for a year.

You can download the trial for 10 days from here.

17. uTest
uTest provides functional, load, security, localization as well as usability testing of mobile apps. They have a global community of QA professionals that can help you with virtually any type of testing project, including iPhone App Testing, Android App Testing, BlackBerry App Testing, Windows Phone App Testing, iPad App Testing etc.

You can look at the pricing here and contact uTest here.

18. Ranorex
You can directly record your tests on your device. When editing the recorded steps, there's no need to write a single line of code. The Ranorex framework supports the latest versions of all mobile operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows 8 etc.). They have Node-Locked licenses and Floating licenses. Get information on various editions and pricing here.

Download a free trial here.

19. Neotys
You can load test your mobile's web as well as native apps with the help of Neoload. NeoLoad simulates typical mobile devices to help you simulate the appropriate server content and number of parallel connections for realistic response times and server load. Predefined settings include simulation for devices like iPhone5, Samsung Galaxy Tab II, Nokia Lumia 800 and Blackberry Bold 9900 among others. NeoLoad is integrated to the Neotys Cloud Platform to deliver on-demand, large scale tests featuring instant multi-provider deployment and an exclusive capability to simulate real world mobile network conditions under load.

Get the prices here.

Download a free trial here.

20. Cybage
Cybage also provides loads of services related to mobile including mobile test automation. Here they show a list of tools Cybage uses to test. Quite a long list indeed.

Contact them here for further information.

21. RealMobile
RealMobile supports multiple platforms: iPhone/iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian and more. It enables you to execute the scripts on the device itself while controlling them from the PC and you can utilize same scripts for multiple devices.

For more information contact them via an email

Mobile test automation tools

1. Money Talk (Native, Mobile Web, and Hybrid iOS and Android Apps)
2. iPhoney (iPhone)
3. AutomationInstrument (iPhone)
4. W3C mobileOK Checker
5. Modify Headers
6. Google Android Emulator (Android)
7. Android SDK Emulator (Android)
8. iPad Peek
9. BlackBerry Simulator
10. Adobe Device Central CS5 (Android, iOS, Windows, Nook, Kindle)
11. Robotium (Android)
12. Robolectric(Android)
13. Monkeyrunner (Android)

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