Friday, August 28, 2009

Stress Testing Examples

Stress Testing Example 1

If an air traffic control system is supposed to keep track of up to 200 planes in its sector, you could stress-test it by simulating the existence of 200 planes. Since there is nothing to physically keep a 201st plane from entering the sector, a further stress test would explore the system’s reaction to this unexpected plane. An additional stress test might simulate the simultaneous entry of a large number of planes into the sector.

Stress Testing Example 2

Stress testing executes a system in a manner that demands resources in abnormal quantity, frequency, or volume. For example, (1) special tests may be designed that generate ten interrupts per second, when one or two is the average rate, (2) input data rates may be increased by an order of magnitude to determine how input functions will respond, (3) test cases that require maximum memory or other resources are executed, (4) test cases that may cause thrashing in a virtual operating system are designed, (5) test cases that may cause excessive hunting for disk-resident data are created. Essentially, the tester attempts to break the program.


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