Friday, August 28, 2009

Performance Testing Articles

Excellent Collection of Performance Testing Articles

1. Performance Testing article on Google Testing Blog.

2. High Performance Testing - An awesome article on Performance Testing by Scott Barber.


3. Performance Testing Guidance for Web Applications which includes Performance Testing Approaches, Performance-Testing Techniques, Determining Performance Testing Objectives and much more.


4. Below pdf includes Requirements and specifications in performance testing, Early performance testing with distributed application, Developing performance test cases and much more.

5. The below document characterizes the 24 best practices used by Software Performance Engineering practitioners. It should be clear from the list that proactive SPE means getting involved in new development projects early and working to build-in performance.

Best Practices for Software Performance Engineering

6. Web Application’s Performance Testing includes Objectives of Performance Testing, Types of Performance Testing, Performance Testing Activities, Performance Testing Tools etc.


7. Below PPT file includes What is performance testing?, When should performance testing happen?, Why is it important?, What types of performance testing are there? etc.

A Roadmap for System Performance Testing

8. Understanding Software Performance Testing - A four-part series addressing Software Performance Testing.

Software Performance Testing

9. The Software Performance Testing methodology described in below paper has been proven on various projects with various architectures. It is by no means the only methodology that works, but it does give you assurance of positive results. Visibility of the value added and the guarantee of success are the main reasons for developing and implementing this methodology.

Software Performance Testing Methodology


11. A small writeup on Performance Testing by Adam Kolawa.

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