Friday, May 16, 2014

UFT 12.0 - Stop Command Shortcut Key

UFT 12.0 - Stop Command Shortcut Key

You can stop Run or Recording session using a shortcut key.

In order to assign a shortcut key to stop the Run or Recording session, go to Tools (Menu) -> Options -> General Pane -> Run Sessions, click in the 'Stop command shortcut key' field and then press the required key or key combination on the keyboard.

Default key combination is CTRL+ALT+F5.

For example I assigned the new shortcut key as: Shift+A.

A short and simple example of "Stop Command Shortcut Key":

Open a new test in QTP / UFT 12.0.
Click on Record button in order to start recording.
You will see the below bar:

Press shortcut key (Shift+A in our case).
The recording session will be stopped.

Another case, record any small session, for example, I opened the IE, navigated to Google and searched for word “QTP” and finally closed the browser.
I ran the above recorded code. While it was running I pressed the shortcut key (Shift+A in our case). The run session was stopped on pressing the shortcut key.