Saturday, March 9, 2013

Deployment Testing

Deployment Testing

Deployment in simple terms is to deploy something (obviously) or to unfold something i.e. take it into use or make it available for use.

In case of software, deployment includes all the activities that make the application/product ready for use.

Deployment testing is the testing of an application/product on the staging environment. There is not any fixed criteria like what to test etc. and it all depends from application to application or company to company. We can test all scripts and processes related to deployment itself and verify any possible failure(s). We can use the same test cases we used in the application testing. We can run only smoke tests etc.

The objective or purpose of deployment testing is:

- to find any defects in the build file.
- to verify that if the application or product is ready to be given to customer and customer's deployment requirements are being met.

Sometimes the deployment process is complex and you have to make sure that everything works as expected.

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Software Deployment, Updating, and Patching By Bill Stackpole, Patrick Hanrion
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