Saturday, June 11, 2011

QTP Settings - Multiple Choice Questions

You can use the ........ object to control how QuickTest run tests by setting and retrieving testing options during a run session.

A) Settings
B) Setting
C) Set
D) Sets

If you run the following statement with the Web Add-in loaded: ........... , QuickTest disables automatically created checkpoints in the test.

A) Setting("AutomaticLinkRun")=1
B) Setting("AutomaticLinkRun")=2
C) Setting("AutomaticLinkRun")=3
D) Setting("AutomaticLinkRun")=0

By retrieving and setting testing options using the Setting object, you can control how QuickTest ....... a test.

A) records
B) runs
C) reruns
D) both A & B

Some of the testing options that you can set using the Setting object are also available in the .......... or ..........

A) Options dialog box (global options)
B) the Test Settings dialog box (test specific settings)
C) Automation dailog box
D) Both A & B

If you run the following statement:

QuickTest automatically changes the amount of time it waits for a Web page to load before running a test step to 50000 milliseconds.

A) True
B) False

You can use the retrieve and set capabilities of the Setting object together to control a run session without changing global settings.

A) True
B) False

When using a Setting.Add statement, an error occurs if you try to add an existing setting option. To avoid this error you should use a ....... statement first.

A) Setting.Exist
B) Settings.Exists
C) Setting.Exists
D) Set.Exists

Although the changes you make using the Setting object are reflected in the Options and Test Settings dialog boxes, these changes are not saved when you close QuickTest, unless you make other changes in the same dialog box manually and click Apply or OK (which saves all current settings in that dialog box).

A) True
B) False

In the log tracking pane of Test Settings dialog box, "Minimum level to add node to results tree" option sets the minimum log message level for which a node is added to the run results. You can also view the generated messages in the ........... file in the \Report folder.

A) Result.xml
B) ResultsReport.xml
C) Results.xml
D) Results.xmlx

When using a ............ statement, an error occurs if you try to remove a setting option that does not exist. To avoid this error you should use a Setting.Exists statement first.

A) Setting.Delete
B) Setting.Remove
C) Settings.Remove
D) Setting.Clear

....... pane enables you to configure your log tracking and collection preferences.

A) Log Track Pane (Test Settings Dialog Box)
B) Logs Tracking Pane (Test Settings Dialog Box)
C) Logs Track Pane (Test Settings Dialog Box)
D) Log Tracking Pane (Test Settings Dialog Box)

When configured, these (Log Tracking Pane) settings are used during a run session if your Windows-based application uses a Java or .NET log framework that includes a ........... The log messages generated by your application are displayed in the run results. You can use this information to detect unexpected behavior in your application.

A) log generator
B) UDP appender
C) UDP decender

In case of Local System Monitor Pane, the Local System Monitor data that is captured during a run session is displayed in the Run Results Viewer.

A) True
B) False

The default recovery scenarios provided with QuickTest are installed outside your QuickTest installation folder.

A) True
B) False

27) b 28) a, 29) b, 30) d, 31) a, 32) a, 33) c, 34) a, 35) c, 36) c, 37) d, 38) b, 39) a 40) b