Saturday, June 11, 2011

QTP Automation Scripts - Multiple Choice Questions

The QuickTest automation object model provides ........ that enable you to control QuickTest from another application.

A) Objects
B) Methods
C) Properties
D) All of Above

An object model defines a set of classes and interfaces, together with their properties, methods and events, and their relationships.

A) True
B) False

You can create and run an automation script from ......... that loads the required add-ins for a test, starts QuickTest in visible mode, opens the test, configures settings that correspond to those in the Options, Test Settings, and Record and Run Settings dialog boxes, runs the test, and then saves the test.

A) Microsoft Visual Basic
B) Quality Runner
C) Test Partner
D) Both A & B

Like most automation object models, the root object of the QuickTest automation object model is the ......... object.

A) Automation
B) Application
C) Microsoft
D) All of above

.......... represents a set of add-ins from the Add-in Manager dialog box.

A) Addins collection
B) Addin collection
C) Addins Manager collection
D) Adins collection

Every automation script begins with the creation of the QuickTest Application object. Creating this object starts QuickTest.

A) True
B) False

You cannot specify a remote QuickTest computer on which to create the object (the computer on which to run the script).

A) True
B) False

The Properties pane of the Test Settings dialog box, the General pane of the Options dialog box, and the Object Identification dialog box each contain a ......... button. Clicking this button generates an automation script file (.vbs) containing the current settings from the corresponding dialog box.

A) Run Script
B) Create Script
C) Generate Script
D) Convert Script

If QuickTest is already open on the computer, you can open QuickTest using the Application.Launch method.

A) True
B) False

When you finish performing the necessary operations, or you want to perform operations that require closing and restarting QuickTest (such as changing the set of loaded add-ins), use the ......... method.

A) Application.Exit
B) Application.End
C) Application.Close
D) Application.Quit

You can also run automation scripts from the command line using Microsoft's Windows Script Host.

A) True
B) False

By default, when you create an Application object in your automation script, it is created on your ..... computer (using your local copy of QuickTest Professional). You can also run automation scripts on a ....... QuickTest computer.

A) Local, Local
B) Remote, VM
C) Local , Remote
D) Remote, Local

41) d, 42) a, 43) a, 44) b, 45) a, 46) b, 47) b, 48) c, 49) b 50) d, 51)a, 52) c