Friday, March 13, 2015

Bug Report Template

Bug Report Templates

Every good bug report needs exactly three things.
Steps to reproduce,
What you expected to see, and
What you saw instead. [Source]

Bug Report Templates

A simple bug reporting template which is easily modifiable according to the needs:

Below are few bug reporting templates from around the internet:
1. Bug Report Template by Kerry Forester
A generic software bug reporting template, with descriptions aimed at helping new testers submit good, useful reports.
2. Bug Report Template
4. Writing Better Defect Reports
Why do some testers get a much better response from development than others? Part of the answer lies in the defect report. Following a few simple rules can smooth the way for a much more productive environment. The objective is not to write the perfect defect report, but to write an effective defect report that conveys the proper message, gets the job done, and simplifies the process for everyone. This paper focuses on two aspects of defect reports: 1) the remarks or description and 2) the abstract.
It includes a sample template also.
5. Bug Reporting Template
6. How to Prepare Better Test Report
It includes a sample bug report.
7. A very simple bug report template
8. Another simple bug report