Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Defect Tracking Tools (OS, Price & Cost)

Defect Tracking Tools (OS, Price & Cost)

For features of Defect Tracking Tools see here.

1.BugzillaWeb-basedFreeFree / Paid
2.BestPracticalWeb-basedFreeBestPractical Support
3.AdminiTrackSaaS-basedLowest plan for 5 users, for unlimited issues and projects, starts with monthly fees of $59.95. For more on plans see here.Adminitrack Support
4. BorderwaveWindows-based / Web-basedWeb edition is $299.99(includes one employee license and additional employee license is for $95).

The Windows based edition is for $159.99 (includes one employee license and additional employee license is for $50).
Borderwave Support
5. BugAwareWeb-based (BugAware is designed for use with Microsoft Windows Server NT, 2000 & 2003). FreeBugAware Support:
6. BugtrackWeb-basedPrice is $99/month for Standard edition and $199/month for Professional edition.Bugtrack Support
7.BughostWeb-basedIt starts with a free edition with 3 users and 1 project. For more on pricing see here.Bughost Support:
8.BugcentralWeb-basedFor 1-3 concurrent projects the price per project per month is $99 and for 1-20 unique logins/month the price is $7.50 per user per month. For calculating price see here  and click on pricing tab.Email:
or call 978-449-7481
9.BugimpactWeb-based [They have ASP Hosted BugImpact or you can simply buy it and host it on your own server( Windows server only).]ASP Hosted BugImpact pricing starts with - up to 10 users - $70.00 per month each additional user $6.00 and the cost of the other one is up to 10 users - $130.00/ user.  Bugimpact Support
10.Bug-trackWeb-basedPricing options are different depending on whether you want to run these on your own servers or want to use their hosted servers. If you want to use your own hosted servers then the cost is $500 for 1-5 users. There is also a demo for 1 user and 15 bugs which is free. For more on pricing see here. Bug-track Support
11.WebsinaWindows,  Unix,  Linux,  or Mac OSThere is a free edition for which there is no time limit, but is limited to 100 bug reports and five (5) named user accounts. For other prices see here. Websina Support
12.CENSUSWeb-based (Server to be windows based)For purchasing contact e-mail or call us at (770) 622-2850.CENSUS Support
13.FogBugzWeb-basedAt first, it's free. You get a 45-day free trial period. Then up to 23 users is $25 per user for standalone version. For more on prices see here.FogBugz Support
14. FastbugtrackWeb-based, they have a hosted as well as licensed version.(WINDOWS, LINUX)Cost to Purchase (10 user)      hosted $6.90/user/mo., Licensed    $65/user.Fastbugtrack Support
15. AtlassianWeb-basedFor 10 users on your own servers it costs $10 and on their servers it costs $150 per month. For more on prices see here. They also have other pricing options for non profits and academic institutions.Atlassian Support
16. JtracWeb-basedFreeJtrac Support
17. MantisbtWeb-basedFreeMantisbt Support
18. OzibugWeb-basedIt is free. Ozibug Support
19. ProblemtrackerWeb-based (server needs to be on Windows)You can get this version hosted on their systems or you can get a licensed copy and host it on your servers.Hosted service has a monthly subscription fee of $19/month for 1 to 25 users for Standard edition. More here.
If you want your own licenses you can have many options. Static license starts at $225.
Problemtracker Support
20. SquishlistWeb-basedThe starter level for 0-2500 issues costs $50/month, more on pricing here.Squishlist Support
21.ProjectlockerWeb-basedIt starts with a free plan for 5 users and 500mb of space. More on prices here.Projectlocker Support
22.TeamaticWebbasedIt has Teamatic Lite, Teamatic Plus, Teamatic Enterprise. Teamatic Lite is free. For more on pricing see here.
23.TrackstudioWebbasedPersonal license is free and starter kit starts from $475. More on pricing here. Trackstudio Support
24.VisionprojectWeb-based (for installed version Windows, Linux)They have both hosted versions and installed versions. Hosted version starts at $21.7 per user per month.
Installed version starts at $3917. For more on pricing see here.
Visionproject Support
25.yKapWeb-based (server on Windows based)The enterprise version for 10 users costs $600 and $650 with one year support. For more on prices see here. yKap Support
26.PrtrackerWindows-basedCosts are different if you buy to own (1-9 users -> $199 per user) or subscribe(for 25 users its $399/year).

Prtracker Support
27.UnfuddleWeb-basedIt starts with a free plan where you get 200mb of free storage and can create one project. For more on pricing see here. Unfuddle Support
28.CodebeamerWeb-based (Windows,Linux, Mac)They have a free edition which is for 6 uers only. See here for more on prices and edition.
Different editions and their feature comparison.
Codebeamer Support
29.FlysprayWeb-based, platform-independentFreeFlyspray Support
30.Fossil Windows, Linux MacFreeFossil Support
31.Countersoftweb-based (Server on windows)It costs $1,199.00 for unlimited users and projects and includes 1 year support and upgrades. More on prices here.
32.ElsitechWindows-basedPrices are different based on number of users. For 1-9 users (not concurrent) price starts at $595. For more on prices see here.

Elsitech Support
33.RedmineUnix, Linux, Mac and Windows FreeRedmine Support
34.TracLinux, Mac, WindowsFreeTrac Support
35.SeapineWindows, Mac, LinuxContact sales for
36.GetdonedoneWeb-basedDoneDone starts at $15/month and gives you 3 active projects, 2 GB of file storage, and unlimited issues, people and companies. Each additional project costs just $2/month. For more on pricing see here. Getdonedone Support
37.TbitsglobalWeb-basedContact for pricing.Tbitsglobal Support
38.TrackplusWindows basedYou can get it free. but free has a limitation of 5 users. It has
Track+ Standard Edition,
Track+ Professional Edition and
Track+ Enterprise Edition.
For more see here.
Trackplus Support
39.SifterWeb-basedLowest price is $14/month for 3 projects and 1 GB of storage. For more see hereSifter Support
40.HedgehoglabWeb-based (Server can be on Windows, Linux ,Mac for installed version)They have both installed and hosted version. Installed version for 3 users with unlimited projects is free and hosted version for 10 users and 20 GB of storage starts at $99 a month. For more on prices see here. Hedgehoglab Support
41.Bug GenieWeb-based
Free (open source)
Bug Genie Support