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21 Test Management Tools Reviewed

21 Test Management Tools Reviewed

Test Management is an activity of managing tests. A Test Management Tool is a Software used by testing team to manage both manual or automatic tests. Test Management Tools usually help in planning, designing, implementing, executing, evaluating, and managing the test activities or artifacts.
Below are some of the best Test Management Tools (both open source and commercial) reviewed for you:

XQual (Any OS)

XQual Features:

1. 100% graphical (and tree-based for more flexibility)
2. Web access (through Java WebStart) served from Tomcat or Apache (no end-user install)
3. Integrated management of ALL actors involved in the QA/testing project: users, systems under test, requirements, specifications, dev projects tests, testplans, campaigns, test reports, defects
4. ALL data stored in MySQL (robust & reliable)
5. UTF-8 compliant (support of any accentuated languages such as french, chinese, arabic, hebrew etc.)
6. Customization of all documents (testplans, test reports etc.)
7. History of all test executions
8. Versioning of requirements, specifications, tests and test cases
9. Support for automated and manual tests execution
10. Instant or scheduled test campaigns
11. Execution on remote computers
12. Simple and flexible API for launchers configuration/development
13. Connectors to the most famous bug-tracking systems: Mantis, Bugzilla, Trac
14. Integrated Bug-Tracking Database
15. Generation of coverage metrics
16. Tracking of bugs evolution
17. Tracking of the progress of the scrum projects (velocity graph automatically generated)
18. Tracking of user's calendar
19. Absences and holidays management
20. Automatic generation of traceability matrix
21. Complete control on manual tests (pause, skip etc.)

It is FREE of cost.

Test Run (Windows XP SP2, Linux)

Test Run Features:

1. Manage Test Cases Easily
2. Create Test Plans Quickly
3. Quickly View Passed, Failed and Blocked Test Cases
4. Testing Dashboard
5. Detailed Reports
6. Test Case History
7. Use Tags, Not Complex Categories
8. Integrate with Existing Issue Trackers
9. Integrate With Your Bug-Tracking System

Test Run is $50 per month for an unlimited number of users and $20 per month for 3 users.
Alternatively, users can purchase a down-loadable version of Test Run for a yearly license fee of $750. This version of Test Run entitles the license holder to an unlimited number of users, and all the features Test Run has to offer. For more on pricing see here.

Zephyr (Browser Based)

Zephyr Features:

1. Live, comprehensive Metrics and Trend Reports
2. Department, Project and Release level Dashboards available to anyone in the organization or company without requiring user licenses
3. Flexible, SOA-based architecture that allows for easy integration with many third party tools - Automation Frameworks, Defect tracking systems and Requirements Management applications
4. Contextual workspaces that allow for single click transitions between releases or projects as well as quick and simple means of re-using testcases across projects and releases
5. Web Services APIs that empower users to enhance current integrations

Depending upon which option is selected; prices are less than $.50 per hour.

TestUp Management (Windows Based)

TestUp Management Features:

1. Create an unlimited amount of test cases.
2. Link test cases to products and components being tested.
3. Link requirements to tests and issues.
4. Test cases tree (hierarchical folders) provides a familiar method for organizing requirements and test cases.
5. Group any number of test cases into test sets according to the testing procedure design.
6. Assign test cases to specific resources and track progress and current status of local and off shore work force.
7. Easily maintain regression and sanity sets as product testing moves forward.
8. Dashboard customization per user enables a quick review on testing progress, product quality etc'.
9. Export test cases to Excel, Word or email.
10. Define when an alert should be sent and to whom using the email notification system

Free 2-Users license for unlimited time. If you want more just purchase here.

Devtest (Windows Based)

Devtest Features:

1. Track each issue through a definable workflow
2. SCM integration – track fixes against their source code deliverables
3. Deploy a resolution across multiple releases, versions and products
4. Reporting and metrics to illustrate the entire defect lifecycle
5. Test management and execution
6. Create a central repository for your test cases, knowledge items and automation scripts
7. Schedule releases and test cycles using a wizard-driven interface
8. Execute test assignments and submit defects from the same interface
9. Track results with real-time dashboards and reports
10. Test automation
11. Out-of the-box integration with TestComplete
12. Add automated tests to the DevTest test library
13. Schedule automated tests along with manual tests
14. Launch automated tests from the DevTest interface
15. Track automation results with real-time dashboards and reports

It is NOT Free. Contact to know about prices.

Testlodge (Web Based)

Testlodge Features

1. Work collaboratively online
2. Simple interface
3. Test plans can be created quickly and associated with test suites with ease.
4. Test suites and cases

Their basic plan starts with $12/month (for 5 test plans, 100 test cases and 10 test runs) for unlimited users.

TestTrack TCM (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Solaris)

TestTrack TCM Features:

1. Complete Test Case Management Solution
2. Easy Installation and Maintenance
3. Comprehensive Reports and Filters
4. Improve Team Collaboration
5. Scalable, Flexible Architecture
6. Extensive Customization
7. Advanced Security

For pricing you have to contact here.

Practitest (SaaS)

Practitest Features:

1. An end to end test management solution to cover your complete QA process
2. The most flexible and customizable test management platform
3. Security and reliability from a professional SaaS test management company

For testers the "Professional" Monthly Price is $35 / user and for developers it is $15 / user. For testers the "Enterprise" Monthly Price is $45 / user and for developers it is $15 / user.

kentestman (Web Based)

Kentestman Features:
1. Store and share your test documents
2. Plan and execute your tests
3. Track results real-time
4. Import and export tests and results
5. All through your standard browser
6. Full testing lifecycle support

It has three plans Free,Pay and Go and Support Contract.

Nuevosoft (Saas)

Nuevosoft Features:

1. Clear Insights through Test Analytics Dashboard
2. Role based Collaboration and Automated Workflow
3. Multiple Test Platform Management
4. Built-in Issue Tracking
5. Easy Integration with Third Party Tools
6. Built for Enterprise Scalability

Prices start at $30 per user per month. [For non profit institutions, bugzilla users it is free].

QPack (Windows Based)


QPack Features:

1. Requirements Management
2. Test Management for Validation and Verification
3. Tasks Management
4. Defect Tracking
5. Automatic generation of documents for the FDA (such as 510K)
6. Support FDA Ruling 21 CFR part 11
7. Risk Management
8. Document Security

For Requirements Management (Includes requirements management, defect tracking and task management) for 1-5 users it costs $1,050 and costs keep on decreasing with more number of users.

QMetry (SaaS)

QMetry Features:

1. Requirements Management
2. Test Plan Definition
3. Test Case Management
4. Test Execution Management
5. Defect Management
6. Quality Metrics
7. Custom Reports

Prices start at $65/user/month + support.

QA Navigation - The Software Lifecycle Manager (Web Based)

QA Navigation Features:

1. The QA Navigation includes Test Workbench. Test Workbench is a software suite to support quality management in software development. The set of tools support software testers with the planning, scripting and execution of tests.
2. It also allows them to cooperate with teams which are not connected to the same network.
3.The Test Workbench consists of
  • The Test Case Editor
  • The Test Set Compiler
  • The Campaign Manager
  • The Collaboration Manager
  • The Test Case Executor
It is Freeware.

Qualify (Windows Based)

Qualify Features:

1. Scripted tests give you a repeatable test process, a known amount of test coverage, quantifiable results, and the ability to quickly bring new testers up to speed.
2. Qualify has addressed this issue of test coverage by providing both the ability to map tests to requirements and a user interface. This provides test coverage assessment like you've never seen before.
3.Testing is only valuable if the results can be interpreted. Release readiness can quickly be determined by running test status reports in Qualify.
4. Keeping scripted test documentation up to date is critical to effective testing. As software changes, so must your scripts. Qualify takes a modular and intuitive approach to test case management that allows testers to quickly keep test assets up to date.

Prices start from $499 for 1-5 users for Node Locked License and $750 for floating licenses and these keep on decreasing with the increase in number of users.

Test Controller (SaaS)

Test Controller Features:

1. Test Planning
2. Requirements Management & Traceability
3. Test Execution
4. Reporting and Analysis
5. User Administration and security

Prices start at approximately £5 ($8) per user per month.

TestRail (Windows, Unix , Linux)

TestRail Features:

1. Efficiently manage detailed test cases and suites for your software projects.
2. Track project progress and testing efforts with rich dashboards and stats.
3. Coordinate and track test milestones and product releases with ease.
4. Improve test workflow and feedback with instant email notifications.
5. Run tests across your entire team and easily manage assignments and staff.
6. Easily follow testing activity across projects, milestones and runs.
7. Boost productivity with personalized todo lists and filters for team members.
8. TestRail runs on your servers for maximum security and reliability.

Single User license starts with €159/$239, for more information see here.

Testwiz (Windows)

Testwiz Features:

1. TestWiz is a multi-user Test Management Solution designed to allow teams of software developers and testers to manage and track all aspects of a software project.
2. TestWiz streamlines the quality process — from requirements management through test planning, test execution to defect tracking through a centrally shared database hosted in Microsoft SQL Server 2000.
3.The most promising aspects of TestWiz are its cost effectiveness and end to end automation for the entire Test Management Process for small to medium range organizations without loss of efficiency and reliability.
4.It provides almost all features of market leader tools with an affordable price for even small scale organizations for which the cost is a bottleneck in their endeavor to achieve Test Management Automation.
5. TestWiz brings communication, organization, documentation, and structure into every testing project.

For knowing the price you have to write to They provide 30 day money back guarantee also.

Wind River (Many Operation Systems)

Wind River Features:

1. Gather critical information about code that is not being tested with run-time test coverage.
2. Identify changes between software builds automatically (changed, new, and deleted code).
3. Identify bottlenecks or performance regressions between builds with graphical tools.
4. Utilize automated white-box access to code and data to inject faults or force error states for testing.
5. Wind River Test Management employs a unique dynamic instrumentation—sensorpoints—to probe, tag, access, or patch software running in the device.
6. Deploy dynamic instrumentation to log data during test execution to isolate faults faster.
7. Synchronize with externally stored tests or use as a repository.
8. Enable sophisticated device test sequences and facilitate migration from manual to automated testing.
9. Simplify test suites by organizing test scripts that are used repeatedly in multiple test cases.
10. Leverage a unique test-to-code traceability map to auto-generate test suites for new builds.
11. Choose the test case sequence execution order to allow sequential or parallel execution.

Wind River Test Management was designed for embedded device system test and aims to support the widest range of device processor, operating system, host, and infrastructure software combinations with the product.

Contact here to know about their contact information and pricing.

Testlog (Windows Based)

Testlog Features:

1. Helps manage the development life cycle.
2. Promotes the reusability of test cases.
3. Provides an effective means of test case requirements management.
4. Increases efficiency and reduces project cost overruns.
5. Easy to manage XML database.
6. Provides a structured approach to the testing process.
7. Allows import of existing test case databases from CSV files.
8. Allows both manual and automated test cases to be documented.
9. Provides export functionality to CSV and HTML format

Single License will cost you $99.00. For more on prices see here.

Teststand (Windows Based)

Teststand Features:

1. You can use NI TestStand to develop, execute, and deploy test system software.
2. In addition, you can develop test sequences that integrate code modules written in any test programming language. Sequences also specify execution flow, reporting, database logging, and connectivity to other enterprise systems.
3. Finally, you can deploy test systems to production with easy-to-use operator interfaces.

NI TestStand Test Management has many product Options like Development System, Deployment System, NI Developer Suite etc. each with its own set of specific features. For more on these see here

Price of NI TestStand Development System is INR 257,638.40. For buying and pricing options see here.

klaros-testmanagement (Windows, Linux)


1. Klaros-Testmanagement allows to manage tests cases, test suites, test environments, systems under test, test runs and their results.
2. Klaros-Testmanagement allows to group test cases to test suites. Test suites are the common unit of test execution and may be assigned to individual systems under tests.)
3. Klaros-Testmanagement supports the version control of test cases and test suites. Different versions can be applied to individual systems under test and test environments with full traceability to their results.
4. Klaros-Testmanagement allows to store binary attachments of any kind (text documents, graphics, screenshots etc.) along with test cases and test results.
5. With Klaros-Testmanagement it is easy to gather reports and statistics about all testing results since all the test related data is stored in the database and may be retrieved later.
6. Klaros-Testmanagement allows it anytime to interrupt manual testing and continue working on a test suite execution later.
7. The report files can be exported into various file formats, as PDF, HTML, CSV, RTF, TXT and XML.
8. The Klaros-Testmanagement web application includes user management in conjunction with a role system allowing to limit the capabilities of individual users.

Community edition is free. But for other costs see here .