Friday, June 4, 2010

QTP Run Tests - Multiple Choice Questions-2

QTP Run Tests - Multiple Choice Questions - 2

If the test contains Data Table parameters, and the test settings are configured to run multiple iterations, the Test Results window displays details for each iteration of the test run. The results are grouped by the ...... in the test.

A) Tests
B) Actions
C) Iterations
D) Parameters

After you run a test, the Test Results window displays all aspects of the run session and can include - The exact locations in the test where failures occurred.

A) True
B) False

The Test Results window can show results with up to ..... levels in the tree hierarchy. If you have results with more than 300 nested levels, you can view the entire report by manually opening the results.xml file.

A) 150
B) 200
C) 350
D) 300

while Viewing Run Session Results, If an iteration contains checkpoints, the possible results are Passed or Failed. If an iteration does not contain checkpoints, the possible results are ..............

A) Passed or Failed
B) Done or Passed
C) Done or Failed
D) OK or Failed

You cannot change the look and feel of the Test Results window, as required.

A) True
B) False

If your QuickTest test is stored in Quality Center, the results are stored in the
test folder in Quality Center. You cannot change the location of the run session results.

A) True
B) False

Results files for QuickTest Professional version 6.5 and earlier are saved with a .qtp file extension. By default, only results files with an ......... extension are shown in the Select Results File dialog box. To view results files with a .qtp extension in the Select Results File dialog box, select Test Results (*.qtp) in the Files of type box.

A) .html
B) .xhtml
C) .xml
D) .ml

A test, iteration, or action containing a step marked Warning may still be labeled Passed or Done.

A) True
B) False

The ........... dialog box enables you to filter which iterations are displayed in the run results tree of the Test Results window.

A) Fillers
B) Filter
C) Results
D) Filters

You can use ........ statements in the Expert View to disable or enable the saving of selected steps, or to save only steps with Failed or Warning status.

A) Reporter.Filters
B) Report.Filter
C) Reporting.Filter
D) Reports.Filter

11) b, 12) a, 13) d, 14) c, 15) b, 16) a, 17) c, 18) a, 19) d, 20) a