Friday, June 4, 2010

QTP-Quality Center Multiple Choice Questions - 2

QTP-Quality Center Multiple Choice Questions - 2

..... tests serve as the basis for all QuickTest tests created in Quality Center. A ..... test is a QuickTest test that contains default test settings.

A) Server
B) Template
C) Dummy
D) Sample

When a Quality Center user creates a new QuickTest test in Quality Center, the default template test for the installed QuickTest version is automatically associated with the test unless the users selects another template test,

A) True
B) False

A default template test is installed on each Quality Center client when the QuickTest Professional Add-in for ......... is installed.

A) Web Services
B) Quality Center
C) .Net

You can create multiple template tests, each for a specific testing purpose.

A) True
B) False

In Quality Center, you create QuickTest tests in the ...............

A) test module plan
B) test case module
C) test tree module
D) test plan module

When you create a QuickTest test in Quality Center, you must choose a template test that specifies the QuickTest add-ins to be associated with the test. Otherwise the required QuickTest add-ins will not be loaded during the run session.

A) True
B) False

QuickTest stores temporary test run results for all tests in ......... The path in the text box of the Temporary run results folder (not saved in the project) option is read-only and cannot be changed.

A) %TEMP%\TempResults
B) %TMP%\TempResult
C) %TMP%\TempResults
D) %TMP%\TmpResults

You can report defects to a Quality Center project either automatically as they occur and not manually directly from the QuickTest Test Results window.

A) True
B) False

You can run QuickTest tests that are stored in a Quality Center database via.........

A) QuickTest
B) a Quality Center client that is installed on your computer
C) a remote Quality Center client.
D) All of above

You can run QuickTest tests from Quality Center if the QuickTest computer is logged off or locked.

A) True
B) False

11) b, 12) a, 13) b, 14) a, 15) d, 16) a, 17) c, 18) b, 19) d, 20) b