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How to convert from CSV to Excel and preserve format?

How to convert from CSV to Excel and preserve format?

In the below script I am preserving the format for columns B and F.

Option Explicit
Const vbNormal = 1

DIM objXL, objWb, objR ' Excel object variables
DIM Title, Text, tmp, i, j, file, name, savename

file = "new20.csv"
name = "new20"

savename = "c:\new20.xls"

Function GetPath
' Retrieve the script path
DIM path
path = WScript.ScriptFullName ' Script name
GetPath = Left(path, InstrRev(path, "\"))
End Function

' create an Excel object reference
Set objXL = WScript.CreateObject ("Excel.Application")

objXL.WindowState = vbNormal ' Normal
objXL.Height = 300 ' height
objXL.Width = 400 ' width
objXL.Left = 40 ' X-Position
objXL.Top = 20 ' Y-Position
objXL.Visible = true ' show window

' Load the Excel file from the script's folder
Set objWb = objXl.WorkBooks.Open(GetPath+file)

' Get the loaded worksheet object
Set objWb = objXL.ActiveWorkBook.WorkSheets("new20")
objWb.Activate ' not absolutely necessary (for CSV)

'WScript.Echo "worksheet imported"

' turn of those annoying warning messages

'wscript.echo savename

' xlWorkbookNormal
objxl.ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs savename, &HFFFFEFD1


Set objXL = Nothing
Set objWB = Nothing
Set objR = Nothing