Saturday, February 6, 2010

Data Flow Diagram Multiple Choice Questions

A DFD provides no information about the timing or ordering of processes, or about whether processes will operate in sequence or in parallel.

A) True
B) False

The first component of the DFD is known as a ....... Common synonyms are a bubble, a function, or a transformation.

A) Flow
B) Process
C) Square
D) Entity

Initially a context diagram is drawn, which is a simple representation of the entire system under investigation. This is followed by a level 1 diagram

A) level 0 diagram
B) level 1 diagram
C) level A diagram
D) Both A & B

Context Diagram defines the scope of the system by identifying the system boundary

A) Context Diagram
B) Level 0 DFD
C) Level 1 DFD
D) Level 2 DFD

A .... is represented graphically by an arrow into or out of a process

A) Process
B) Entity
C) Level
D) Flow

Composite data flow on one level can be split into its component data flows on the next level - but new data cannot be added and all data in the composite must be included in the sub-flows

A) True
B) False

A data flow may or may not be attached to at least one process

A) True
B) False

....... is to organize the overall DFD in a series of levels so that each level provides successively more detail about a portion of the level above it.

A) Split DFDs
C) Flow DFDs
D) All of Above

Objects in a set of DFDs have unique names

A) True
B) False

Lowest level DFDs may add new data flows to represent exception handling, i.e., error messages

A) True
B) False

1) a, 2) b, 3) b, 4) a, 5) d 6) a, 7) b, 8) b, 9) a, 10) a