Saturday, January 2, 2010

RAD Questions

When to use RAD?

Reasonably well-known requirements.
User involved throughout the life cycle.
Project can be time-boxed.
Functionality delivered in increments.
High performance not required.
Low technical risks.
System can be modularized.
The team includes programmers and analysts who are experienced with it.
The project involves a novel ecommerce application and needs quick results.

Explain weaknesses of RAD.

Accelerated development process must give quick responses to the user.
Risk of never achieving closure.
Hard to use with legacy systems.
Requires a system that can be modularized.
Developers and customers must be committed to rapid-fire activities in an abbreviated time frame.

Explain strengths of RAD.

Reduced cycle time and improved productivity with fewer people means lower costs.
Time-box approach mitigates cost and schedule risk.
Customer involved throughout the complete cycle minimizes risk of not achieving customer satisfaction and business needs.
Focus moves from documentation to code (WYSIWYG).
Uses modeling concepts to capture information about business, data, and processes.

RAD Tools
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What do you consider the most rapid RAD environment for a working prototype?

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