Sunday, December 13, 2009

Prepare for Software Testing Interview

How to Prepare for Software Testing Interview?

1. Manual Tester, Sr. Tester, Automation Tester, Team Lead, Test Manager etc. are few of the many roles in the testing field today. No matter which role you are in, the Software Testing Concepts (STLC, BBT, WBT, RTM, EP, BVA, Test Case etc.) should always be crystal clear to you.

2. Software Engineering concepts are also equally important. [SDLC Methods & Methodologies.]

3. For Software Testing freshers without any experience, uTest can be a good starting point. Do some Testng Projects at uTest. uTest not only provides good starting platform for freshers but uTest is also useful place for experienced testers to hone their testing skills. See all the benefits for a tester at uTest.

4. Do not delay in clarifying your doubts. Try to ask doubts (if any) at the earliest possible. These forums may help.

5. A well written and presentable CV always helps. Create a good resume. See below for examples:

Sample Software Testing Resume 1
Sample Software Testing Resume 2
Sample Software Testing Resume 3
Sample Software Testing Resume 4
Sample Software Testing Resume 5

6. Additional skills are always beneficial for a tester. [SQL, PERL, Python, Automation]

7. Get these excellent general interview tips. All tips are equally important - see tip no. 12, which is mostly overlooked.

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