Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Quality Center Multiple Choice Questions-14


Quality Center enables you to generate graphs from the .........

A) Requirements module
B) Test Plan module
C) Test Lab module
D) Defects module
E) Both A & C
F) All of Above

Requirements -Summary Graph

A) Shows how many requirements accumulated in a Quality Center project at specific points during a period of time.
B) Shows the history of changes to specific requirement fields in a Quality Center project
C) Shows how many requirements are currently in a Quality Center project.
D) Shows how many tests are currently in a Quality Center project.

By default, the graph appears as a

A) pie chart,
B) bar chart
C) Pareto chart
D) Both A & B

You can also use the Graph Wizard to guide you through the graph creation process.

A) True
B) False

You can determine how information appears in the graph using the .....

A) graph toolbar.
B) graph settings
C) graph menu
D) Both A & C

..... graphs enable you to create and display a dynamic graphical representation of data related to test plans and test sets.

A) Live Value
B) Live Analysis
C) Live Analytics
D) Both A & C

You use Live Analysis graphs to view data that relates to a .... folder.

A) test subject
B) test set
C) test category
D) Both A & B

The Live Analysis graphs that you create are unique for your user login.

A) True
B) False

The Quality Center Document Generator enables you to create a Microsoft Word document containing a project’s requirements, planning, test list, test set folders, and defect tracking data.

A) True
B) False

The Document Generator enables you to create a hard copy of the data contained in a Quality Center project.

A) True
B) False

131) F , 132) C , 133) B, 134) A , 135) A , 136) B , 137) D , 138) A , 139) A , 140) A