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Explain Function Point Analysis (FPA)?

Function Point Analysis

Function points are a unit of measure representing the functional size of a software application. The size is determined by identify the components of the system as seen by the end-user:

Interfaces to other systems, and
Logical internal files.

Function points counting usually occurs when a developer wants to size and estimate development time and effort for an application or a project.

The components may be classified as simple, average, or complex. All of these values are then scored and the total is expressed in Unadjusted Function Points (UFPs).

Complexity factors described by 14 general systems characteristics, such as Data Communications, Distributed Data Processing, Operational Ease, Reusability etc can be used to weight the UFP. Factors are also weighted on a scale of 0 - not present, 1 - minor influence, to 5 - strong influence. The result of these computations is a number that correlates to system size.

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