Wednesday, May 9, 2007

QTP (Quick Test Professional)

Mercury is the world leader in application delivery, with 58.8-percent market share in automated software quality and performance testing products.

QuickTest Professional is most suitable Automation Software Testing Tool in this fast changing software development world.

Mercury QuickTest Professional: provides the industry's best solution for functional test and regression test automation - addressing every major software application and environment.

Points worth noticing about QTP (QuickTest Professional):

As QTP (QuickTest Professional) is relatively easy to use, an organization has to spend minimal time, money and effort in training its employees on QTP.

QTP allows you to do regression testing with ease on repeatedly changing applications and environments.

QTP allows sharing automated testing assets, functions, and objecting repositories enabling an organization to deliver quality products and services, and improve revenues and profitability.

QTP can be integrated with WinRunner, LoadRunner, and TestDirector.

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