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Load Testing Tools

Load Testing Tools

Load testing is the process of putting demand on a system or device and measuring its response. Load testing is performed to determine a system’s behavior under both normal and anticipated peak load conditions. [Wikipedia]

Below you can find 6 Load testing tools, their features, price and link to download the trial versions.

1. Load Impact

Features of Load Impact:
1. With Loadimpact's large scale load tests you can use upto 50,000 simulated users in a single test.
2. You can use multiple user scenarios emulating different user types in a single test and get individual measurements for each type.
3. You can get geographic distribution of load so that load is generated from multiple geographical locations.
4. With Loadimpact's real-time testing you can watch and control your load test in real time. You can view results as they are coming in, live. Your graphs are updated dynamically throughout the load test.

You can learn more about Load Impact here.

Load Impact's plans start from free, then $60 and go up to $6000 depending on the usage. For more on pricing of Load Impact see here.

2. Browser Mob's Website Load Testing

Features of BrowserMob:
1. BrowserMob uses real browsers for website load testing which requires less scripting, no rewriting and an experience that more accurately mimics the real user load test experience.
2. BrowserMob lets you choose between Virtual Users, Real Browser Users, or a combination of both based on your website load testing needs.
3. BrowserMob's Website Load Testing services generate massive amounts of simulated website traffic from a huge pool of IP addresses - more than any other provider - at the best possible price.
4. All BrowserMob website load testing and website monitoring customers get exclusive access to their world class support staff to ensure a quality customer experience.
5. With convenient and customizable pricing options, customers can choose the load test service that fits their website load testing needs including a basic free service and the option to upgrade when needed.

For more on features of BrowserMob see here.

You can also sign up for a free trial.

Pricing starts from free to Pro. Basic is $499/week for 100 real browsers and 500 virtual users. For more on pricing of BrowserMob see here.

3. CloudTest Performance Testing Tool

Features of CloudTest Performance Testing Tool:
1. CloudTest’s patented visual test environment supports the creation of very complex tests – without programming – in hours.
2. Load servers are dynamically provisioned inside the firewall or on the cloud for fast test execution at any scale from any location.
3. Real-time analytics help identify and resolve issues while tests are running.
4. Performance and monitoring metrics are aggregated and correlated on a single time line with drill-down for inspection at any level of detail.
5. Tests can be paused or stopped the instant an issue is found and re-started once it is resolved.
6. It’s easy for developers to create and run low-scale performance tests and incorporate tests, test execution, and test results into continuous integration servers like Hudson and Jenkins.
7. As tests grow in complexity and scale, QA can use internal lab resources to generate load.

For more features of CloudTest Performance Testing Tool see here.

You can also sign up for a free trial.
If you want to see CloudTest in action, you can take a look at demo.

Use below email addresses for more info on CloudTest: or

4. Keynote's Web Load Testing

Keynote has 2 products under web load testing: Test Perspective and LoadPro

Keynote Test Perspective is a cost-effective, completely self-service Web site load testing tool. With Test Perspective you can run the most realistic load tests on-demand and receive immediate feedback on modifications you make to your Web site.

Keynote LoadPro is a turnkey Web load testing service. Their expert consultants test your site with real-world Internet traffic and uncover performance problems long before they impact your business.

Test Perspective Features:
1. Test Perspective utilizes their global test and measurement network that includes load-generating agents from multiple geographic locations and Internet backbones. Simply get a Test Perspective subscription, let them know how many virtual users and hours you want, test your Web application at the traffic levels you desire.
2. Set up your first load testing trial in less than 15 minutes. Your account includes sample scripts which are ready to run right out of the box. No configuration files to edit, no calculations to perform, just follow the simple guided workflow and launch immediately or schedule to launch at a later time.
3. View all the live load testing indicators on a single screen. Easily configure the screen for large displays or laptops. Watch in real time as virtual users expose symptoms of system overload.

For more on Test Perspective features see here.

LoadPro Features:
1. Scaling up to one million concurrent users from multiple Internet backbones and countries makes LoadPro the world’s most powerful load testing service.
2. Delivers the only load-testing service which factors in both the dynamic behavior of end-users as well as the unpredictable nature of the Internet.
3. Avoids the unnecessary capital expenditures of additional servers, databases, and bandwidth by accurately determining when these investments are absolutely necessary.

For more on LoadPro Features see here.

Get free trial of Test Perspective here.

For a free trial of LoadPro get in touch with their representative here.

For purchasing these tools contact Keynote here.

5. Monitis web LoadTester

Features of Monitis web LoadTester:
1. It monitors tons and tons of your data. External end-to-end monitoring, server and network monitoring, transactions monitoring etc.
2. You will have -Instant Failure Alerts - Live-Voice, E-mail, IM(Yahoo, GoogleTalk, ICQ), SMS, Twitter.
3. Monitis Mobile - mobile access for iPhone, Anroid, Symbian, Blackberry and Windows Mobile smartphones.
4. History - option of digging into historical data.

For more features of Monitis web LoadTester see here.

You can get a free trial of Monitis web LoadTester here.

Different pricing plans are there, starting from free to $383 per year. Go here for more on pricing of Monitis web LoadTester.

6. LoadStorm

Features of LoadStorm:
1. LoadStorm has a simple browser user interface. It's easy to create many scenarios representing different user types and allocate the right volume to each. It has thousands of servers at your disposal all around the world.
2. LoadStorm uses cloud infrastructure to provide you with up to 13,000+ requests per second. No servers to buy, no software license fee, no maintenance fee, no configuration of the load generators, and no download or install.
3. LoadStorm reporting includes:
Real-time graphs with performance metrics updated in one-minute intervals
Average Response Time.
Error Rate.
Requests per Second.
Throughput in KB/second.
Peak Response Time.
Concurrent Users.
More features or FAQs for LoadStorm.

You can also try it for free.

Pricing of LoadStorm varies between free to $9995 per month. For more on pricing see here.